Original artwork and prints by Nicci Rushfirth
Original artwork and prints by Nicci Rushfirth
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Nicci Rushfirth

I was born in London, oh what seems like decades ago. I spent most of my childhood in Somerset, so my carefree happy memories are of gathering hay and loading it in my mums car to feed the goats, having baths with ducklings, camping in the garden and spending long summer days in Weymouth with my school friends - sounds pretty damn perfect.…aren't I the lucky one!

I moved to Leeds when I was 19 and have lived in Yorkshire ever since. I found it very easy to make Yorkshire my home. I’ve always said that Somerset and Yorkshire are so similar; everything is green (endless country lanes) and the people are really friendly and genuine. 

I’m a self employed artist working in a small studio above a garage in Harrogate. I have always liked painting and drawing, but 15 years ago I was working as a Marketing Manager in Bradford and my boss asked me what would really make me 'happy', I bravely said I would really like to re-sit my Art A Level…. he gave me a day a week off to go and do just that - I got an A, which ignited my love of art again. What an inspirational man.

Not only do I paint for myself but I also do bespoke artwork for clients. I do this by visiting their home, suggesting style, colours and subject. I also relish when I get clients who have very specific requests, as it can push me down one of those country lanes, leading me somewhere unknown - basically I love a challenge.

I have managed to fit this in for a number of years whilst having family commitments. Now my family is more independent, I have the opportunity do something for myself and what better than to get painting and drawing again in my new studio.

I have always done voluntary work throughout my life, at present I volunteer for Orb in Knaresborough. Orb offers a non-clinical service for mental health in a creative way through, singing, dance, music and art. I assist in their weekly art sessions which I genuinely love, as helping to make someone's day better makes mine better - it's totally rewarding on every level.